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To Kellinghusen and Beyond!!

Aletia ReilinghComment

This past weekend was an important milestone for Jaxson and Berry. We attended our first competition as a vendor!

Coming into this first experience I wasn’t sure how the weekend would go. I had the booth all ready to go and planned out. Team Jaxson and Berry was ready for action, and the weather was perfect!

What a weekend it turned out to be! They were longs days to be sure but totally worth it. Marie, Sunje, Dennis, Kathi, Lara, Kiki, Ludwig, Lina, and Klaus all came to help out and be a part of the exciting experience. Lina and Klaus were super prepared- they brought the champagne to celebrate the successful weekend!

The people of the Kellinghusen Reit und Fahrschule were very welcoming and encouraging. We sponsored 3 classes! Pictures are posted on instagram and Facebook. We met so many terrific people! I am certain we will be seeing them again soon! 

We were able to share Jaxson and Berry with the world and there was such a positive and warm reception I couldn’t have hoped for better! We sold everything from our glitter ball earrings, assortment of fancy charms, and the newest addition- bracelets. You’ll see on our website we are officially sold out of some items but don’t worry we will be restocking as fast as we can!! We will keep you posted on our new additions.

On the riding front- Kathi headed to Lentfohrden with Casper to their L level class where they totally rocked it and came home with a 2nd place!! Congratulations Kathi and Casper! You make Team JB proud!! (must be the fancy pants glitter ball charms J)