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What do YOU do in the morning?

Aletia ReilinghComment

One of the exciting questions I ask my guests on my podcast ( details about the release of the podcast will be coming soon) is “ What does the first hour of their day look like?”.  I want to know how top equestrians begin their day- is there a secret to their success?

How I set up my morning influences the rest of the day and I like to make my mornings count!

So, what does my morning look like?

I like to wake up 2 hours before I have to be in the barn. I set my alarm 15 minutes before I have to be out of bed because Mini (my fabulous world travelling corgi) insists on quality snuggle time. After the snuggle time we are up and out of bed- she gets fed and I prepare my breakfast. I like to make breakfast a time where I eat something that I know may be lacking in my diet. It guarantees that I get something good and healthy right off the bat. For a while it was two eggs- I needed the protein… nowadays I eat a big spinach salad because I need the veggies. In the winter I love a café-au-lait. In the summer I am drinking poo-ehr tea.

(Interested in Poo-ehr tea? Check out my video from my visit to a tea shop in China! https://youtu.be/rvxEukjvPeE .... you can also see me eat bugs while in china here: https://youtu.be/Be3YI0mUyDo )

I like to spend some time stretching. I feel riding and stable work really takes its toll on my body and stretching keeps my body moving the way it needs too. I also roll out my muscles with a foam roller. It’s like a personal mini massage- delightful and healthy!

I then get dressed, make sure I have everything I need for the barn- snacks, phone, etc and head to the barn for 6am- happily greeted by a barn full of happy horses!

I would love to hear about your morning rituals or schedules- Post in our comment section below!