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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Aletia ReilinghComment

The two week forced social media digital detox in China got me thinking about how to create more time in our day- make time to ride that extra horse, squeeze in more time hand grazing our horse, or taking the extra time to REALLY groom our horses.

I know first hand how time can fly in the barn and often contemplated the very real possibility of a warp in the space time continuum induced by the horses themselves.

A couple ideas:

jaxson and berry and puppies

Puppies, Kittens, and facebook:

So when Mini had her puppies we all spent soooooo much time snuggling them. Everyone in the house and in the barn would find time to sit down and play with the puppies- for hours! I think it was a marvelous way to spend an afternoon. The puppies, with their big brown eyes, little squeaking noises, and endearing antics just sucked you in to their world…. I gotta say, a little bit like Facebook and all the pictures and videos of cute little puppies and kittens that suck you into their world. My suggestion is to set one specific time to check facebook and set a time limit. That extra time you save is extra time you can spend with your horse.

Run Over By a Horse:

I’m going to warn you- you may be entering a rant.

Cellphones. I am a very firm believer in leaving your phone in your tackbox when you are at the barn. I do not use my phone when I am on a horse. It is dangerous and disrespectful to your horse. I cannot tell you how it drives me crazy when people are riding around checking SMS or talking on the phone. One of the most beautiful and rare gifts of riding is the chance to be present in the moment. Put the phone down and RIDE!

I also don’t keep my phone with me when I am teaching. Your clients deserve your full undivided attention. I have been on both ends of this- as a coach AND as a student. I feel it is very rude for your coach to be on the phone when you are paying for a lesson.

The only time I can be caught with a phone in the arena is if I am expecting a very urgent phone call- from a vet or waiting for an offer on a horse. Unless it is a VERY important and time sensitive phone call I will not keep my phone with me in the arena.

You may think you are just quickly checking your phone but the time you spend checking in adds up. If you are in the barn for 6 hours, and check your phone every 30 minutes for 2 minutes, you are spending 24 minutes checking your phone a day! That is nearly a full half an hour you can be doing something. Just leaving your phone in the car or tackbox will stop you fro constantly checking in and give you extra time!

So, set one or two specific times a day that you check your messages, leave your phone out of the arena, and you’ll just how much extra time you have in your day! My rant is over now. Thanks for reading!

I’d love to hear about ways you save time! Leave a comment on our blog!