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Race Track Round with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson

Aletia ReilinghComment

Racetrack Round Rolf!

Transcript from our Podcast. If you haven't listened to the podcast in its entirely CLICK HERE: 

JB:- So, what do the first 60 minutes of your day normally look like?

 Rolf:-  I wake up and I have breakfast. Normally I go to my job and I start riding my first horses.  The first hour is quite quick, gone.

 JB:- Do you drink coffee in the morning?

 Rolf:- Not really, I wait a little bit with that.  I may ride three or four horses and then I go for a coffee.

 JB:- And what does your breakfast look like? Are you a protein kind of guy or do you roll with a cereal?

 Rolf:- No, I go for some bread and mostly some hot chocolate in the morning.  Warm hot chocolate, that’s my start of the day.

 JB:- Is their a book that you think that everyone should read?

 Rolf:- There is not a particular book that I say “this one you have to read”.  It’s for sure interesting to read other peoples mind and what they have written down in books but I don’t have a particular one that I say “this is the one you have to read”, no.

 JB:- Is their one that you’ve read recently that you’ve been like “oh that’s kind of interesting”?

Rolf:- I would say that to be honest I’m not a person who reads so much.  I try to look into people, what they’re doing, how they do it and whether they’re so successful.  Then try to imitate and test what are they doing, can I do the same? Just look at other people and try to do the same.  Then you have tried it and say it doesn’t work for me and then you have to go on and make your own mix of your own riding style.

JB:-I think that’s really great you’re still learning and trying new things.  What is one thing about riding that you wished you’d learned earlier?

 Rolf:- To have patience.  In the early years you’re always thinking you could do everything perfect directly, that’s not possible.  You can not go and win all the classes, that’s not possible.  That’s maybe what’s difficult for young people to understand.  You have parts and you have times when things do not go super well and you’re not placed in the top always.  But just stay patient and keep on working and then it comes.

 JB:- Do you have one quick fix that if we went into the barn today and tried it could make us a better rider today?

 Rolf:- You have to try to figure out what is best for that horse.  You can not put every single horse in the same box and say “you have to fit in there”.  You have to find the own way for the different horses and let them live.

 JB:- Excellent.  Okay now our last question.  Imagine you wake up one morning and you’re a 17 year-old working student.  You have a place to live; your food and basic needs are all met.  You have all the knowledge you have now but you don’t have a horse, you don’t know anybody and you only have $500.  How would you start your new life?

 Rolf:-That’s not so easy! I would first of all try to get in contact with some people where there are some horses around and also where they are at a good level, somewhere where they have good horses and good management and everything.  And then I would just try to help them out or whatever to get going and slowly by slowly build something up.