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weekend round up

Weekend Round Up May 25 2015

weekend round upAletia Reilingh1 Comment

This weekend in the JB World! 

In Germany:

Kathi had a full weekend of competitions- Starting on Friday and rolling right through Monday! At Dingerdong she was 3rd place @ L level with Casper (rockin’ his superman charm of course!). She challenged M Level again and had a lovely round with one rail down.

Riding Schimmel (Kiki’s lovely grey horse) for the first time-had a clear round @ A Level and one rail down @ L level. Not too shabby for this newbie team!

Kathi and Shimmel 

Kathi and Shimmel 

Lara and Nessi had a beautiful and harmonious test at L Level Dressage and was awarded 6th place.


In Switzerland:

We would like to welcome Sophia Heller to the Jaxson and Berry Team!

She was born (and still lives) in Heiden, Switzerland.

Recently, we asked her if there was a competition success that she was most proud of.

Sophia Heller:

 “It was the first time I was riding a 1.20 class, and it was really difficult and my mare was also not easy to ride, but somehow I made it and won the class. In general for me, every clear round is a victory, specially when you have young horses, or difficult ones”.

 This past weekend she rode Calibra ( 5 yo CosmeoxCalido mare ) in her first Springpferde A and won it with 8.0. The mare also was clear in the 1.10 class.

Sophia and her fan club :) 

Sophia and her fan club :) 

Her second horse is Crazy Momo (8yo Caledo x Le Matin mare) and this was her third competiton. They nailed the 1.10 and won the class!

Congratulations Sophia and welcome to Team JB!!

Charms + victories= coincidence??? I think not ;). Thank you Sophia for sending the picture. 

Charms + victories= coincidence??? I think not ;). Thank you Sophia for sending the picture.