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Podcast #29: Lisa Williams

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Welcome to podcast #29 with Lisa Williams (and a cameo by Campbell- the wonder horse). Lisa has been on the most amazing journey with Campbell, logging something over 40,000 kilometers by plane and horse trailer as she competes at the top level of Show Jumping. 

In this podcast Lisa shares with us her adventures, lessons learned, and how being a top horsewoman (and business woman) has enabled her to achieve inspiring success…..and have a really happy and healthy partner in Campbell. 

Look for this team in Gothenburg, Sweden at the World Cup. After listening to this podcast, you will be cheering for them too :) 

Podcast #28: Hunter-Jumper Equitation Holland

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Hunter-Jumper Equitation Holland

Forget the clock. Remember the ride TM

Welcome to Podcast #28 with our special guests from the Hunter World: Patricia Bade van Motman, Joan Laarakkers-Scharffenberger, and Robin Swinderman Mitchell.

This past weekend I attended a judging seminar for Hunters in the Netherlands and was delighted to interview these fabulous ladies for the JB Podcast.

Hunter-Jumper Equitation Holland is a group of people who have come together to develop the sport of Hunters in Europe. To learn about the progressive program and the people involved check out the podcast and to get involved visit: https://www.hjeholland.nl

Podcast #27: Mclain Ward

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An inspiring interview with the amazing Mclain Ward!

Podcast #26: Morgan Lashley

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Morgan Lashley Veterinarian

Welcome to podcast #26- An interview with Morgan Lashley, equine veterinarian from the Netherlands. We sat down with her at the Dressage Masterclass hosted by Paard and Lifestyle Website. In this in-depth interview we talk about everything from top sport horses to working with working horses in 3rd world countries and everything in between. She also talks about what she did right as a teenager to set her up for being a veterinarian- a super listen for inspirational veterinarians :)  

Podcast #24: Interview with Helen Langehanenberg

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Pulling this interview out of the archives! I sat down with Helen Langehanenberg at the Dressage Master Class organized by Paard and Lifestyle website. Helen Langehanenberg is a german olympic dressage rider. She has won Silver at the Olympics, Gold at the World Champs in Normandy, Gold at the European Champs in Herning, and a Gold at the World Cup in Gothenberg.  I love her out look on life and focus on her family!  

Podcast # 25: Interview with Sanne Beijerman

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We change gears a little bit in this podcast. We interview Sanne Beijerman who is a Grand Prix dressage rider but also an Equestrian Sports Psychologist. This is a terrific podcast for riders looking to improve their competitive performance. Sanne has a training centre in the Netherlands and helps riders with setting and reaching their goals!  

Podcast #23: Interview with Ingrid Klimke

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I sat down with the legendary Ingrid Klimke at Equitana 2017 in Essen Germany. I don't think this wonderful and talented rider needs any introduction. Some seriously awesome riding knowledge bombs in this podcast. 

The Half Halt with Ingrid Klimke

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From the master herself. How DO you ride the half halt???!!

An excerpt from the Jaxson and Berry Podcast. Full interview coming soon.

Podcast #22: Interview with Linda Tellington-Jones

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Welcome to podcast #22 with the famous Linda Tellington-Jones. 

We were on location at Equitana 2017 in Essen, Germany. If you want to have your mind blown in terms of incredible shopping, educational opportunities, and if you are as horse crazy I am…. you gotta visit! 

During Equitana I had the privilege to sit down with Linda and talk about her life and what has made her the incredible horsewoman, educator, and prolific writer that she is today. Her charm and lightheartedness come across delightfully in this podcast interview. This woman changed the way horses and humans connect in the most positive way

Podcast #19: Interview with Carl Hedin

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Welcome to podcast #20! Interview with Carl Hedin. 

Carl is a swedish grand prix dressage rider and trainer. He runs his own training business: Eques Management in Sweden. He specializes in training horses to top level of sport and scouts dressage horses for clients. This is a fantastic interview with a business minded and driven equestrian with his sights set firmly on Tokyo. 

You can find him on

 Istagram: hedincarl 

Website equesmanagement.com

Podcast # 19: Interview with Tristan Tucker

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Welcome to podcast #19!! Interview with Tristan Tucker. 

Tristan Tucker is a horseman from Melbourne Australia and now based out of the Netherlands. A passionate dressage rider and horse trainer he dedicated his time to bridging the gap from on-the-ground-horsemanship to competitive sport- developing confidence in both horse and rider. 

This is a super podcast and you get to really know Tristan and where he is coming from. Plus we talk about martial arts and his alter-ego: Brett Kidding…how cool is that? 

You can find out all about his great online program @ www.trtmethod.com

Podcast #18: Interview with Rien van der Shaft

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Welcome to podcast # 18! Meet Rein van der Schaft: A classical dressage trainer and rider. Rein runs his stable with his wife: Inge, and Daughter: Romy. The stable is based in Apeldoorn, NL.

Rein was on the Dutch Team from 1979-1983. He represented the Netherlands at two European Championships and the World Championships and has started over 9 horses in the Grand Prix ring to date.

We met up with him at the Paard en Lifestyle (http://paardenlifestyle.com) Masterclass this September where he was sharing his knowledge with all the many people who came from all over the world! Enjoy! 

Listen now on our website (or iTunes) @ www.jaxsonandberry.com

Where to find Rein: http://www.stalsprengenhorst.com/eng/rien.php

Podcast #17: Interview with Kevin Jochems

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Kevin Jochems Show Jumper Global Champions Tour Valkenwaard
kevin Jochems show jumper global champions tour league

Welcome to Podcast #17 In this On-Location interview at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Valkenswaard at the Tops International Arena, we sit down with Kevin Jochems- A 21 year old Dutch Grand Prix Rider. 

Podcast # 16: Interview with John Whitaker

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John Whitaker Longines Global Champions Tour Milton Show Jumper
John Whitaker Show Jumper Global Champions Tour 2016 Milton Rio Olympics

Welcome to podcast #16! In this On-Location interview at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Valkenswaard at the Tops International Arena, we speak with John Whitaker about the upcoming (at the time) Olympics and what it takes to have such a successful and long career such as his. I was so thrilled to land this interview with the legendary rider who rode the legendary Milton! I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed speaking with John! 

Podcast #15: Interview with Laura Kraut

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Welcome to Podcast #15. My teenage self is so excited to bring you this interview. I remember watching Laura compete on television- my nose practically pressed up against the TV. To get the opportunity to sit down and have a one-to-one conversation with this legendary Amazone (Dutch/German for female rider....pretty cool don't you think?) is a dream come true. this podcast is packed with incredible insight and draws on Laura's many, many years as one of the best riders in the world! Enjoy!

Podcast #15: Interview with Nicola Philippaerts

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Welcome to podcast #14, an interview with Olympic Show Jumper Nicola Philippaerts! 

In this On-Location interview at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Valkenswaard at the Tops International Arena, we speak to Nicola about what it takes to be a rider on the big tour and how he was planning for the Olympics. With major wins at the Grand Prix Level, sponsorship by H&M, and an Olympic experience, this is a great interview with a talented and successful equestrian! 

Podcast# 14: Interview with Anky van Grunsven

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We are delighted to bring you this interview with Aletia Reilingh and Anky van Grunsven! Anky is a legend in the dressage world and quite the celebrity in the Netherlands. She was won the World Cup nine, count 'em, NINE times. She has 3 Olympic Gold Medals to her name. She is LEGENDARY.

Pocast #13: Interview with Reed Kessler

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Welcome to Podcast # 13- An interview with the incredible Reed Kessler! We recorded this interview in the Netherlands @ Outdoor Gelderland where she won first place in the CSI3* aboard Cos/Can. Reed is a focused and determined equestrian who represented the USA at the 2012 London Olympics (youngest rider to ever do so at the age of 17) and has over $2Million dollars in career earnings to date.

Podcast # 12: Interview with Tineke Bartels and Imke Schellekens-Bartels

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imke schellekens bartels tineke bartels

Welcome to Podcast # 12! In this powerhouse of a Podcast, we have Tineke Bartels and Imke Schellekens-Bartels! This incredible mother-daughter team have 6 Olympic games and 3 Olympic medals between them. They also run the prestigious and successful Academy Bartels- a dressage training center in the Netherlands.

This interview is packed with great energy and of course insight into their methods and training ideas. Enjoy! Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments section. 

Podcast #11: Interview with Adelinde Cornelissen

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Sunje Thal, Annemarie Van Wily,  Karin Van WIly, Adelinde Cornelissen, and Aletia Reilingh: Host of the Jaxson and Berry Show

Sunje Thal, Annemarie Van Wily,  Karin Van WIly, Adelinde Cornelissen, and Aletia Reilingh: Host of the Jaxson and Berry Show

The Jaxson and Berry show is excited to bring you this interview with the very talented, olympic medal dressage rider, Adelinde Cornelissen! We caught up with her at the friesian keuring, where she graciously shared her time. A big shout out to the Young Friesian Breeders Club for helping arrange this interview. 

This interview is a good one! Adelinde's style come across with clarity and enthusiasm. I hope you like this interview as much as I enjoyed recording it.