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Podcast # 3: Interview with Sven Otto

Aletia ReilinghComment

Sven Otto is a professional rider in Schleswig-Holstein, working with German Champion Evi Penzlin. With a passion for developing young horses, he has an eye to his future. I was lucky to work alongside Sven at Stall Basten in Germany. I can’t tell you how many amazing discussions we had about horsemanship and riding as we were warming up or cooling down our horses.

About Sven Otto:

2014 Qualified for the Bundeschampionate in Germany

Many competition wins on young horses that he developed.

Lived and worked in Wellington, Florida USA, New Jersey, USA, Netherlands, Germany.

Worked for Alan Waldman in Netherlands

Worked for Graf Zu Rantzau Breido- President of the FN.


Contact info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sven.otto.14?fref=ts

 Happy to chat the horse shows!