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Podcast #9: Interview with David Dewispelaere

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David and I post-interview just outside of Aachen in Fall 2015. 

David and I post-interview just outside of Aachen in Fall 2015. 

In this podcast we have the pleasure of speaking with David Dewispelaere- An American Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Trainer with a life long passion for dressage and horses.

David has the unique perspective of having lived, trained, and competed in both the USA and Europe. 2-Time US Freestyle Champion, David shares with us his equestrian journey, passion for happy horses, and why he suddenly finds himself back in the the jumper ring!


Contact: Website: http://www.dwdewispelaere.com

Facebook: David Dewispelaere 

Podcast # 8: On location with Kathi Selmer

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I met up with Kathi, right after she won her class at M level, in Schleswig-Holstein. Check out the podcast to hear her thoughts on moving up the levels and a special place you should visit in Schleswig-Holstein! 

Podcast #7- On location with Lena Timm!

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I met up with Lena Timm on location at a horse show in Schleswig-Holstein. Check out the interview to find out about the funny way she got her start in horses and why Holstein is the best place in the world for horses! Enjoy! 

Podcast # 6: Interview with Janet Foy

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In podcast #6 we meet Janet Foy- A dressage trainer, rider, 4* Judge and Author of: “Dressage for the not so Perfect Horse” and “Dressage Q&A”.  I had a really great time speaking with Janet- She shares with us her journey and draws from her multidisciplinary beginning to share some deep insights into the equestrian world! Jumping, dressage, whatever, this interview is for you!


Podcast Trailer- Janet Foy!

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Check out the trailer for the Jaxson and Berry interview with Janet Foy- Not one to miss! Full length interview comes out next week.

Episode # 5: Interview with Patrick Van der Schans

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I am so excited to bring the Jaxson and Berry world an interview with Partick Van der Schans. This guy is a true horseman and comes from a family of top Show Jumpers himself. Patrick and I recorded the interview in the tent upside the show ring at the Dutch Young Horse Championsip in Ermelo. This interview is a must listen to as Patrick draws on his big tour experience and lifetime of eqiestrian knowledge to share with his unique and effective view on developing yourself as a rider and having top horses.


Contact info:

Facebook: Stal Van der Schans

Website: http://www.stalvanderschans.nl/ 

Telefoon: +31 (0) 33 24 660 97

Fax: +31 (0)33 24 66 174

E-mail: info@stalvanderschans.nl


Podcast #4: Interview with Doron Kuipers

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Here is episode # 4 with top jumper rider,  Doron Kuipers! I caught up with Doron at the ISHA Cup in Ermelo (Netherlands) where he was competing some really exciting young horses. 

Doron is a professional rider with a very interesting stable of jumping horses and a more exciting future! 

Career Highlights: 

2005- Team Gold and Individual Silver in the European Championships-Ponies

2010- Individual Silver in the European Championships for Young Riders. 

2011-Present- Many placings in 1.50-1.60m Classes! 

Website: http://doronkuipers.nl

Facebook: Doron Kuipers 

Podcast # 3: Interview with Sven Otto

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Sven Otto is a professional rider in Schleswig-Holstein, working with German Champion Evi Penzlin. With a passion for developing young horses, he has an eye to his future. I was lucky to work alongside Sven at Stall Basten in Germany. I can’t tell you how many amazing discussions we had about horsemanship and riding as we were warming up or cooling down our horses.

About Sven Otto:

2014 Qualified for the Bundeschampionate in Germany

Many competition wins on young horses that he developed.

Lived and worked in Wellington, Florida USA, New Jersey, USA, Netherlands, Germany.

Worked for Alan Waldman in Netherlands

Worked for Graf Zu Rantzau Breido- President of the FN.


Contact info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sven.otto.14?fref=ts

 Happy to chat the horse shows! 

Podcast # 2- Interview with Veronika Gylthe

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Veronika Gylthe

In podcast # 2 we meet Veronika Gylthe. This incredible young lady danced her way to national dancing championships in Norway and then decided to take on the Show Jumping world!

She has just finished high school and is taking the show jumping scene by storm.

Veronika shares some great tips, and advice. This podcast is a must listen to if you want to know what it takes to make it to the elite levels of the sport.

About Veronika Gylthe:

Won the Junior Grand Prix in Oslo

Ridden in FOUR Nordic Championships

Many Grand Prix Wins

Won the 1.50m in Denmark

Member of several Nations Cups.

Contact info:

Instagram: veronika.gylthe

Email: veronika.gylthe@online.no

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veronika.gylthe?fref=ts



Podcast # 1: Interview with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson

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Hello and welcome to the Jaxson and Berry Show- a podcast interviewing brilliant equestrians from around the world.

I am your host Aletia Reilingh. Join me as I travel around the world speaking with amazing equestrians and learning what it takes to be AMAZING.

In our first podcast ever, I sit down with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson to discuss his journey in the Show Jumping world. I must apologize in advance as the podcast was recorded outside, beside his jumping ring- occasionally there is some distortion in the sound due to the wind. Don’t let that bother you - he has insightful, and real advice to share with us. I mean, how incredible is it that Rolf is our first guest? Enjoy!

 About Rolf-Göran Bengtsson:

Rolf was born in Sweden 1962

He has represented his country in FOUR Olympic Games

FOUR World Championships

SEVEN European Championships

Qualified for NINE FEI world cup finals

And won TWO Olympic silver medals.


Contact info for Rolf:

Website: http://www.stall-bengtsson-kristoffersen.com






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Want to be the first to know when the podcast goes LIVE? Join our mailing list.