Jaxson and Berry

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But What if I fall? Oh but my Darling, What if you FLY!
— Erin Hanson (e.h), a 19 year old Australian. A reader, a writer and a nightmare fighter.



Who Is Jaxson and Berry?


Jaxson is my nephew. As I write this, he is 4 years old. He is the awesomest little dude I have every met and he inspires me. His optimism, curiosity about the world, and wonder at seeing everything new is a reminder to see the wonderful world for how it is.


Berry is my first pony. Her full name is Strawberry Cloud and we have no idea what breed she is.  I do know she is 14.2hh, grey and beautiful! She came to me when I was 12 years old and she is responsible for where I am today. We show jumped, competed in dressage, and even evented. She taught me so much about horses and riding. But she also taught me about living life.  Looking back on my past, had she not been my partner through my teenage years I would have gotten in to a great deal more trouble and not be the successful person I am today. Through thick and thin, she has been my friend and partner. She is currently living out her well earned retirement in style, at a friends farm.

How can we make a difference:

Here at Jaxson and Berry we believe that getting kids involved in sports helps kids.

We think that being involved in sports helps young people learn valuable life lessons, helps them make friends, and helps give them positive direction in their life. We donate part of our profits to support grassroots events to enable more kids to have access to sports. When you buy a Jaxon and Berry product. You are making a difference- you are helping kids play and changing their lives.





It all began with a new chapter in a new life.

The Beginning:

After 7 years of having a successful equestrian centre in Canada, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming an international dressage rider and of living in Europe.

I shut my business down, sold my belongings, and moved to Germany! The only things I could not leave behind were my saddles and my awesome little dog.

Horse-Life over here in Europe is great. Passionate horse people, tons of events, great horses and everything is relatively close by! Oh, and it isn’t as cold as Canada is in the winter! 

But something was missing.

I realized that I missed the sense of community and the environment of encouragement that I had cultivated at my farm in Canada. I loved encouraging people to do new things, push themselves further with their riding, take on new challenges in life and conquer them. Encourage people to “be awesome” and “ live the dream” because people are great.

So I decided that I wanted to make a bigger impact on the world- beyond the four walls of one stable. I want to make a difference in the world.

So I started “Jaxson and Berry” so everyone can be part of the Team!