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Tips, Tricks, and Life Hacks for travelling the world as an Equestian- A Webinar just for you! 

Make more money, Make More friends, make the next adventure the best one yet.


Are you an equestrian looking to travel to another country to work and ride?

Are you looking for a working student position abroad?

Are you looking for a great way to travel on a budget?


This webinar is for you.


Join us on June 4th at 8pm for an amazing hour with our globetrotting Equestians: Host: Aletia Reilingh, Guests: Lina Preuss, Sunje Thal, and Annke Marek.


What you will get from the webinar:

How to find an AWESOME job abroad.

How to find the BEST place to live and work.

How to avoid scary pitfalls of living in another country

Where to go and how to be safe

How to meet new people and make life long friends.

How to make the most of your time.

How to navigate the tricky bits: How to find out about Visas, flights,

And of course we will share many, many Equestrian Travel Life Hacks that we have discovered through trial and error so you can make your adventure the best time of your life.


Are you an equestrian looking to travel the world?

Join us June 4th at 8pm CEST for the most amazing Webinar on how to travel as an equestrian.

Can’t make it? No problem- by signing up you will also get a recording of the entire webinar that you can access anytime. You can also email your questions ahead of time to jaxsonandberry@gmail.com and we will anwer them during the webinar.


Meet our Host!

Aletia Reilingh is a globetrotting Canadian Coach/Trainer/ Mentor. She is an accomplished equestrian having developed horses and competed them successfully to advanced levels of Dressage. She ran a very successful Dressage/Jumping Equestrian Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada for 8 years and has recently moved to Germany to start pursue her goals of international competition and living in Europe. Through horses, she has lived in: Switzerland, England, Bermuda, Florida, Georgia, and now living and running her equestrian business in Germany. She is also a National Canadian Coach Level 2, Jane Savoie Certified Trainer, and has articles featured in FHANA Magazine, Kieler Nachrichten, and Puslinch Pioneer.


Lina Preuss: This passionate horsewoman has been the #1 Fan for Holsteiners all over the world. A member of the young breeders association of Holstein at a young age, she caught the horse bug early and has never looked back. She travelled to Canada (East and West Coast) and found her way to Australia before coming back to Germany where she currently runs the Famous Baltic Horse Show in Kiel. She also has a lovely breeding farm- Stall Theidemann (if you are looking for some world class young jumpers)


Sunje Thal: An accomplished dressage rider Sunje began riding Dressage early in life and developed a wonderful relationship with her first pony, whom she competed up to M level with terrific results. After high school she made the life changing decision to move to Canada where she stayed 2 years. This decision wouldn’t have worked out better for her as she competed up to 4th Level (S-Level in Europe), earned a coveted barn manager position at a prestigious equestrian center and developed a loyal group of students and clients that always are begging her to return to Canada.

Sunje has also worked in Wellington, Florida and is currently working for Hasse Hoffman in Denmark.


Anneke Marek: Met her boyfriend at a hostel in Germany and decided to follow him to Canada. She landed in Canada with no connections and no job. But that sure as heck didn’t stop her. Using all of her resources (and she is resourceful) she pounded the pavement until someone hired her. As luck would have it, she found a horse farm that would become like a second home to her- for two years she managed the Farm, developed her own clientele and competed in Dressage and Jumping- even bringing home a year end Championship in Dressage!

Upon her return to Germany she competed for a single coveted position at the State Stud in Redefin to join their Education Program. She has just recently completed the program and is now living in Munich.